Originally a warm and welcoming Island Home that was built by Mr Jack Jenkins and his wife Flora Jenkins in the 1920's.
It was here that the Jenkins raised their three children. At the front of the property Jack owned and operated a very popular general store.

When the 39th Battalion was stationed here on Norfolk Island, there were many Military Musicians that enjoyed many a musically afternoon and evening in this building.
When Flora passed away in the 1950's Jack then closed his general store and sold the property.

It was early 1960's that a couple from the mainland converted the homestead into a restaurant and named it "BountyLodge" There was many a good time spent with locals and visitors alike - before the Island had telephone or TV.
Bounty Lodge was the place to be, it was a place to dress up where the ladies wore the latest fashion - in those days a glamorous "Caftan" accompanied by gold tipped cigarettes to add to the charm of the evening !
Today The Bounty Lodge is used as a venue for Weddings, Christenings, wakes and other special functions or by group arrangement.

This Old Island Treasure still gives you a warm and welcoming atmosphere along with a touch of elegance and taste of yesteryear.